Instructions for arrival to TRaVilO 2021

Bulletin 1 and 3/4

How foreign participants get the right to participate and to arrive to Finland

Finnish Border Guard has given a special permission for TRaVilO-participants to arrive to Finland. The permit is valid only for TraVilO competitions on May 16th 2021.

What is required of you:

  1. Make your entry with IOF eventor (
  2. Send email to Janne Seppälä and ask invitation letter and copy of Border Guards permission. janne.seppala MEAOOOW
  3. Send your travel information minimum 48 hours before your arrival to Janne
    • Time and date of arrival
    • City of arrival (Helsinki, Turku, Vaalimaa etc.)
    • Flight number/ferry name etc. (if any)
    • Full name on your passport, nationality, passport number
  4. Take COVID-19 test minimum 72 hours before your arrival. Not absolutely necessary, but coming without may mean that you will be transported by the police to a health care center for testing.
  5. Take invitation letter, copy of Border Guards permission and certificate of negative test result with you together with normal travelling documents. Certificate of vaccination (minimum 21 days before arrival) replaces the test certificate if available. Certificates in English, Finnish or Swedish.
  6. Do not come if you feel sick or you have been exposed to infection.
  • Welcome!
  • Instructions how to behave in Finland will be given later, in the beginning of May.