Instructions TRaVilO 2021

Contains the extra information only.

Number bibs

You shall take bibs in the start of first time control round and use it ever after through the competition parts..


Venue address: Kirkkojärventie 3, 03400 Vihti

400 metres to start place (where also toilet and cafe), red-white stripes with word PAROC

On the first time control round there is first preO:s time control and after that 5 tempO:s time controls. On the preO:s time control there is no answer Z (zero).

Zero tolerance in tempo is 3 metres.


Lenghts in Pre-O

  • E, 1,0 km, 28 tasks, max time 1 h 53 min (PC +5 min). PreO has 2 parts, where there is 900 meters empty transfer between the parts. You must punch to blue unit when the empty part starts and ends so that it won't be counted in your time. Total climb approx 35 metres. Children have their own tasks.

"One way"-part

Because of height differences there is an one way part, which can be used in another direction only after all 18 controls of the first part have been punched. There is a marshall helping to push a chair on that area.

Watching points

Adults have cow fence sticks as watching points. You can see all the flags from there. They are not used in A-Z tasks. You must punch in paper card and in addition you have to punch with the TOE-chip in order that we can follow the time you have used. No EMIT is thus needed. Blue TOE-boxes for punching are somewhere relatively near to the watching points.

Children have wooden watching point sticks and traditional time check system.

Zero toleranse in PreO is 3,5 metres. The answer is zero if non of the seen flags is not on the right place or max 3,5 metres from the right place. The flag can be even nearer if it is on the wrong side (at least 135 degrees) of the points symbol or on another clearly different object. "Nollarasti, PreO"

Results will be on some website by Libor, let's see.

Protest time

Disputes will be handled by the rule book and sense. After the results there will be 10 minutes time ti made complaints.