Invitation TRaVilO 2021

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Bulletin 1 1/2

Part 1

Part 1 contains the time control for Pre-O (6 flags and 3 tasks) and Temp-O Competition part 1 (stations 1-5, 6 flags and 5 tasks per each) .

The first part of competition will be arranged in the old center of Vihti municipality. Sprintmap 1:4 000 in PreO and 1:3 000 on TempO / 2,5 m / 2021. Roads and broad trails. Parks and trees, buildings, ruins, fences, and most likely some height issues too. Total climb 15-20 m.

Guidance to parking from the road 1224 (Helsingintie). Free moving west from Helsingintie is not allowed during the competition, if necessary, do you shopping in K-Supermarket Vihti which is outside of competition area.

There is no service at the parking place, just some instructions and a map to the start. Toilet, cafe and number bibs should be nearby the start. People who participate only to Pre-O will do only the first time control station.

Part 2

Part 2 contains the Pre-O competition without any time controls.

Driving from part 1 to part 2 takes 25 minutes drive + 5-10 minutes walk. No guidance, you get a map to the place at the last station in part 1.

No services on the part 2 area except tiny self-service cafeteria. You will get map, electronical punching chips, paper card and start time when you get there. No EMIT used, we use TOE-system which Libor borrows to everyone.

Sprintmap 1:4 000, 2,5 m, 2021. Course with 28 tasks. Gravel road. Total climb about 40 m. Steep cliffs, pine forest, contour forms. Timing with Emit. Partially challenging visibility, mostly good. There is a pushman in one way -part.

Part 3

Part 3 contains the 6 last stations of Temp-O, again in Vihti center. The area is of same character than in part 1, but slightly different.

Prizegiving ceremony will be held when we know the results.

Start times

Start times, see the Google Sheets, link on the front page. Please stay in the same rhytm during the day.

Classes and fees

  • E class (WRE): 23 euro per competition, in most cases 46 euro
  • HD 12 -class - 12 euro per competition (24 euro)

Entries and IOF ID

Finnish competitors enter via IRMA, foreign (if any) via email to Janne (see the address below). Competitors not using IRMA can pay via bank transfer (Rasti-Vihti, IBAN: FI41 5297 0040 0101 43, BIC OKOYFIHH). Please add text ”travilo” and competitors name in the message field of bank transfer.

Entry deadline is 9.5.2021, late entries 12.5. with 1,5 x entry fees. When entering provide name, IOF ID, Club (if any), Class and a IOF Physically challenged status. If you don't have an IOF ID you can get it by creating user account in IOF Eventor, it doesn't cost anything.


You are allowed to compete with your own escort. Escort may help only with punching and moving on, not solving the tasks.


Organising orienteering club: Rasti-Vihti

  • Event Director - Sini Aartomaa (+358443441655)
  • Media and info - Jouni Moisander
  • Course Setter - Janne Seppälä, janne.seppala MEAOOOW (+358445001676)
  • Event Adviser - Juha Hiirsalmi (TuMe)