EA's thoughts on races 1-2 and 4-5

On Saturday and Monday the terrains are really in the middle of nowhere. So in the woods and deep. On Saturday darker, on Monday more open. Sunday's second race (4.) is also in the woods, but this time we can hear the sound of civilization (Helsinki-Turku motorway) throughout the race.

The terrains are all very different. However, the maps are of uniform quality and even good, and the courses cannot be blamed either. Saturday's TempO, though, can be quite challenging for some of the competitors.

Good luck!

Juha Hiirsalmi
Event Adviser (competitions 1-2 and 4-5)

EA's thoughts on race 3


The terrain consists of one large rocky hill. Maximum altitude difference is 20 meters. Visibility in terrain is very good and all flags well noticeable.

Paths have excellent surface and they are easy to move along. There is no risk of path softening even under heavy rain.


The map is at scale 1:4000. Mapping standard is ISSprOM2019-2. Maps have been printed by a professional printing company and quality / readability is very good. Original mapping by Antti Vainio and updates this spring by Eero Hakanen. Mapping of bare rock areas has been updated nearby controls; elsewhere bare rock areas are more inaccurate.


Course tasks are challenging and competitors need versatile orienteering skills to win. Good understanding on terrain topography is an advantage.

The courses include one steeper uphill. However, it is not very high. Organizer has appointed and extra helper to assist P-class competitors at that spot.

Maximum sighting distance is 100 metres.

Zero tolerance

IOF Zero-tolerance rules and guidelines apply. Competitors are encouraged to review the Guidance on zero problems document at IOF website.

Other information

The hill Taivaskallio, Heaven Hill, is an extremely important place in the history of Helsinki. During the Second World War Taivaskallio served as the main air defense center for the capital of Finland with eight heavy anti-aircraft guns.

I hope You enjoy Your time at Taivaskallio on Sunday

Ari Tertsunen
Event Adviser (competition 3)