Tervetuloa TRaVilOn sivulle - Welcome to the TRaVilO homepage

Updated 15.5.2021 21.20.

Dear all, in addition to manual punching we help Libor to develop his magnificent electric TOE-punching for Pre-O. Thus, all the participants in class E will get a chip set. The competitor can use, if he or she wants, this electrical punchnig IN ADDITION TO the manual, mandatory system. At the moment we are considering if we can use this system for measuring the used time, instead of EMIT, based on what the IOF rules say. The further info will be given later.


The second TRaViLO-competition of all times will be held on

  • Sunday, May 16 th, Temp-O part 1, starts 10.00-12.16
  • Sunday, May 16 th, Pre-O, starts 12.10-14.26
  • Sunday, May 16 th, Temp-O part 2, starts 16.00-18.20

Lähtöajat ensimmäiseen osaan Google Sheetsissä taulukko, jatka samassa rytmissä läpi päivän. Start times for the first part in Google Sheets, continue in the same rhythm through the day so that you don't meet too many different people. (Exception: if you have a hurry to ferry or plane, you may come earlier.)

The competition has WRE-status. All events will be held in Vihti, relatively near to the ETOC-terrains. / Kilpailut ovat maailmanrankikilpailuja (WRE) ja niissä noudatetaan tältä osin IOF:n sääntöjä.

The Pre-O-part contains 28 tasks and 1 time control station, The Temp-O will contain 11 stations, 5 tasks each. / Normaalikilpailussa on 28 tehtävää ja 1 aikarasti, tempossa 11 asemaa, joista kullakin on 5 tehtävää.

For further info, see the invitation. / Kilpailukutsuun pääsee tuolta vasemmalta.

Acrossing the Finnish border is at the moment quite limited. The Finnish Border Guard has though given an exception for participants of TRaVilO-competition to arrive to Finland. See the Instruction for foreign participants and follow it.